Liz Painter

Painter lives in beautiful Northern New Mexico among the sagebrush and rainbows, where here songs are inspired. She could very well belong to a line of troubadours from long ago, traveling the lands spreading poetic messages and moody melodies, raising heartfelt questions.

Liz grew up in New York, and her first influence was Simon and Garfunkel and the melodic themes of Broadway show tunes. She has a BA in Music from the University of Arizona in Tucson, but in the nineties, fresh out of high school, Painter adopted a hippie lifestyle and hitch-hiked with her guitar, traveling to folk and craft festivals. Liz would pull out her guitar and play songs for comrades she met on her journey, inspired by the vast starlit skies of the American Southwest, unfettered by city lights, infused with the sound and energy of the ancient elements.

Her albums ‘Home Before Dark'(2007), ‘What if?'(2011) and ‘Perfect Girl'(2019) are available on Spotify and YouTube and to purchase on her official website. Styles in these recordings span from folk-rock and soul to psychedelic rock with a twist of country.

Liz has a bottomless back-pack bulging with original songs. For Liz, each song is a valuable creation, no song a throw-away. Each song is like an insistent alpha child, prodding her, inspiring her to perform it, record it and release it into a life of its own. Liz feels lucky to have a musical soul and is grateful for the deepening of her musical path in life. She continues to develop her creative process and has just written songs for a fourth album. Inspired by great vocalists and songwriters, she feels a passion to create music every day.

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