Chrissy Day

Chrissy Day is most known for her healing voice which sweeps through the
Airwaves like a butterfly, which allowed her meteoric rise through nothing but
her freedom of expression, consistency and creativity.
Chrissy has continually grown from her debut single Down, which allowed her
to be interviewed by, non other than Claira Hermet on BBC Radio London,
being play listed on several radio stations including on Pulse88, OnTop FM,
Déjà vu, The Beat London, Urban FM, Don City, Starlight Radio and many
International stations and blog features.
This afforded a busy summer touring the city of London, leading to performing
at several of London’s iconic venues. This includes, o2 Islington, The Fidler’s
Elbow, Camden,The Library London (private members club) and The Hospital Club (Private members club).
This buzz was a beautiful planting of the seeds for Chrissy’s path in music, setting the tone for the releasing of her second single and continued growth.
Chrissy always delivers her lyrics with such conviction it has become her
trademark to be breathtaking, as her name suggests, reclaiming her twenty-four hours to be unapologetically herself and always deliver excellence, as
well as her zeal, appreciation of her art, whilst having her gift of a range of rifts
and, vocal deviations which float through your eardrums with elegance and
All of this to be able to hit home in her poetic influences and express thoughts
most of us feel but keep within.
Growing up in one of the most cosmopolitan cities, London, raised by, her
mother, Chrissy has witnessed the good, the bad and the ugly, but by keeping
her focus on music, Chrissy has managed to stay positive and shine a light on
the hidden gems within this great city. Her journey of performing extensively
throughout London, Chrissy has developed her life experiences to
embraced different cultures and environments, whilst, staying humble and
grateful for the opportunities that have come her way.
After commencing her career in her own bedroom, producing content for
social media, Chrissy development a trust for her gift and making those steps
to being an artist who is blooming and flourishing within her own development.
Working on her own original material has given her fresh impetus and energy
towards music without tainting her sight, now using her platform to expand her
message and express the depth of life, freedom and truth. This is evident with
her second single, Addict, which touches on the subject of addiction in an
expansive viewpoint allowing the listener to resonate with her music.
Chrissy has, as an independent artist, been praised by many respected
media outlets, radio DJs and successful industry names from all around the
world. Chrissy’s creativity has been played in 50+ cities and 27+ countries
worldwide, including the continents Asia, South America, Europe, North
America and Oceania. Chrissy reaches a 46% female audience through her
Spotify and 53% male audience ranging from the ages under 18 to 59 years
Addict, has featured on successful platforms and blogs, being spoken of as a
“Banging New Single” on LinkUp TV. Her recent music has allowed her fan
base to become aquatinted to this new sound, whilst also learning more about
Chrissy’s subtle but truthful take on life, with sprinkles of her ‘pixie dust’. Chrissy has a rare talent and ability to express her raw and authentic emotions through music, matching this with her articulation and the beautiful production of Xvr Blck, called on air by DJ Ace of BBC 1Xtra as the ‘The UK’s RnB Super Producer’. Her second Single ‘Addict was released in December 2019 and has created a massive buzz and major interest on Social Media platforms. Since releasing this single, Chrissy has featured on TV in the United States, New York specifically. DJ Semtex of Capital Radio has played her third release on Boy Nash’s Gotham Remix with Kammy Slime, Parris Wright and Ghana’s Kojo Cue, who worked with Lauren Hill and Nas in 2019.
Chrissy created an organic online buzz on Instagram and her content is now
having a 20%+ ROI in her comments, story views, and 100%+ ROI on post
views. Chrissy’s content, is consistently being commented on, by blue tick
verified artists or entertainers, in more than one creative industry.
Following Gotham Remix, Chrissy collaborated with Rap Artist Tray Avlon with the song Forgiveness which is a beautiful take on forgiving not just others, but yourself.
Chrissy has now followed up with a timeless song Something I need in April 2020, again produced by Xvr Blck and this will blow the socks off any listener.

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Down, Addict & Gotham Remix – Available on all digital platforms
Instagram – @chrissyx_dayx

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