SharaLee Ward

SharaLee is a Canadian Soul singer and songwriter. She was named after the 80’s Christian Contemporary singer, Sharalee Lucas. Her first appearance was on the church stage at the age of five, with her mom singing harmony.
SharaLee has a unique, soulful, soprano voice with a familiarity of Anita Baker in quiet storm and Teena Marie in her soulful, higher, expressive aspects of her vocal ability.
With her start in church, SharaLee was mainly influenced by Christian Contemporary, 70’s and 80’s Adult Contemporary and Country Western styles and has recorded songs in those genres.
In 2005, SharaLee travelled to Nashville and recorded her first demo of original songs from local Nashville songwriters. The country single called “Lovi’n A Good Man Tonight” was featured on a Ladies Truck’n compilation album sold at Walmart and truck stops across Canada and the US.
In the summer of 2007, back in Canada, SharaLee met up with Vancouver producer Mike Nowak of Saga Recording Studio and recorded a demo of original Contemporary Christian and worship songs from writers across the US. “I Run To You” written by Anita Cantrall was picked up by a distributor and played on Christian radio stations across the US and was included on the Extreme Tour (Christian music festival) compilation album.
In the summer of 2014, SharaLee met Canadian music veteran, Norm Robidoux. He took her under his wing and began encouraging her to have a writing voice of her own.
“Postcards” was her first self penned album. Norm, who along with his band had planned an international tour for the album. Due to some unforeseen circumstances, this tour was cancelled before the album was completed. Despite the setback, this was a monumental turning point in her musical journey. SharaLee knew she not only had a voice, but something to say with that voice.
SharaLee began to feel pigeon holed into Country and CCM music and wanted to try other genres, specifically R&B/Soul. In the spring of 2015, she teamed up with songwriter/producer Mark Zubek (Grammy-winner Betty Carter) and co-wrote the single “Together Again”. The song is an R&B/gospel approach and a tinge of Country thrown in the mix. “Together Again” is a resurgence of her church roots, bringing together the old and the new direction she was heading. The single won an Akademia Award for Best R&B/Soul song. This would mark the beginning of finding a home in this musical genre.
Becoming ever aware of the growing opportunities for artists to license music for ads and TV/Film, SharaLee took the following year to study in a music licensing mentorship to learn how to create and license highly licensable songs.
In 2017 SharaLee found musical chemistry with a great team of composers, producers and engineers in Canada. She wrote and recorded “You Can’t Stop Me”, “Don’t Need a Hero” and “Now” with composer/producer Jordan Perry from Toronto. In 2018, SharaLee wrote a 1- off work-for-hire project for a sync competition and had production help from her husband, Nathan Ward. This project called “Fall Down” which wasn’t going to be released, later would be remixed by Dan Ponich and added to her catalogue after being picked up by Anthony at Panfurware. Singles “DejaVu” and “Show Yourself the Door” were also created with Dan Ponich.
In 2019 SharaLee teamed up with Anthony Farrior at Panfurware LLC and is working with his team in song creation for TV/film as well as pitching music for other up and coming artists. In January, 2020 up and coming producer and SharaLee’s husband, Nathan Ward also joined the Panfurware team in an official producer/composer capacity and their company, Intune Music Works was created.
SharaLee’s newest release is called “Rescue Me”. This song is the first collaboration with producer and beat maker, Douglas Richardson, also under the Panfurware umbrella.
SharaLee’s songs can be heard on Amazon Prime, E!, A&E, PBS, Discovery Channel and a new TV pilot called “Waking Up White”.

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