Malik Mos High

Malik Ali
Focusing on hip-hop and RnB, Malik Ali is a music artist who
is known for his thought-provoking work that listeners find to
be very fulfilling. This is a quality that many resonate with and
which gives his music a unique touch, making him stand apart
from other artists.
Malik Ali turned to music as an outlet for his pent up emotions
and as a means of escaping the pressures that he was facing in
his life. As he continued to make music, he started to develop a
passion for it and decided to pursue a career in it. For this
reason, he enrolled and got certified from the NYU&Clive
Davis’s Music Industry Essentials Program
One of the most unique aspects about Malik All’s music is his
old-school vibe which often reminds listeners of hip hop in the
90s and RnB in throughout the ages.As a prolific performer, he
has done shows in Brooklyn, Philly and Atlanta and enjoyed
the engagement withfans and their energy.
iatest release is”For the Win” 11.
His work has often been compared to artists such asNas,Tupac,
Rakim, Biggie and many RnB artists like Bobby Brown,Music
Soul Child/Tyrese and more. However, Malik Ali does have a
one-of-a-kind quality about this work.
In his free time, he likes to work with Malik sMoss Alkalinity
and the Holistic Health Solutions. He distributes free Sea Moss
Gels to people in the community to help fight COVID-19.
Currently, he is focused on building his brand and creating a
framework that will help to him build it into a household name.

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