Jed Elno

Guitar player, mostly… Some Electronic too

I was born on July the 4th, 1976. I lived in a suburb really close to Paris and my childhood was quite happy. I wasn’t interested at all about the music except playing Michael Jackson hits on my radio…Untill my 16th birthday. This is where the passion begins !
My best friend, offered me the CD album that would change my life in a way : Surfing with thre alien by Joe Satriani…yep, nothing else !
That was a choc to me ! I had never heard such music and, of course, such Guitars ryhtms and solos !

Lets’ Rock Hard or not !
The day after I came into a guitars shop in Pigalle (famous place in Paris) and bought my first guitar. To be honest I didn’t know much about what to buy and the seller recommanded me some kind of Les Paul imitation by Honer (if I do remember well) and a small 100w transistor amp…Very far from Joe Satriani hardware šŸ™‚

Anyway, that was the start…

I went to private course for more than a year which, indeed, helped me a lot. Not only to learn how to play – this is obvious – but to help me discovered famous bands : Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones, Metallica, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Thin Lizzy and so much more…Which I, as weird as it seems, didn’t know any of them !

During that time, I practiced a lot. Almost 8H a day, non stop. That was a full time job šŸ™‚ and a pain for my whole family who had to lived with a guitar newbie.

I started to listen anything with guitars in it from Dire Straits to Fear Factory – The Police, Carlos Santana, Gary Moore, Gun’s N Roses, Iron Maiden, Slayer, Ronny Jordan…

Months after months, I have noticed that I mostly played the solo parts of the songs – of course Satch was still here (and he is still in 2020) – and it is as a soloist that I will join my first band, Evergreen.

That was a great experience that last for about 3 years.

Of course, it was great to play in a band, recording in studio, go on stage some times, but what I liked the most in this adventure was the opportunity of writing songs. It’s a totally new level of making music.
And to be honest – hope the members would confim it if you asked them – I was pretty good at it, and in most cases, the others members loved my songs.

But Life is surprising and for some reasons I can’t even remember, we stopped playing together.
We are still friend thought, but never talk about music anymore.

After that experience and as I started working in financial, I also stopped to play the guitar, except for me in my living room.

The “movie” experience
Few months after that break, I was in a family diner, maybe for Christmas, and I start talking with a guy I didn’t even know. I told him my “music” story and made him listen to my materials (I always had a CD in my car “just in case…”). He loved my way of playing, my sensitivty as he said. Of course, he wasn’t a producer or a member of a famous band but a composer. He had a recording studio in Paris and was working on some music for a french movie. He had a need for a saturated guitar in a important scene of the movie. So he asked me to come in this studio few days later. We recorded what he asked quite quickly actually. That was fun !

A couple of weeks later, he introduced me to a world music band who was looking for a new guitar player, ATMA. I recorded few songs with them and we went on stage for a french festival. Again, it was a great experience and I had great time…but I missed the solos šŸ™‚ So I left the band….and I became a Dad šŸ™‚ Which was, and still is, the best thing ever. I stopped to think music from that day for a long time.

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