Garry George Wilkes

Biography of Garry George Wilkes


I started playing piano at about 5 years of age. My Mother taught me some basic chords and my Grandmother, an accomplished organist, taught me how to play scales. When I was 12, I took classical music lessons from Olga Ruff Carter, but I only lasted one year. I didn’t like the rigidity of classical music, so I started writing 60’s pop, then 70’s rock. I was inspired by the Beatles, Pink Floyd and 10cc. I wrote many songs over the years, but I still would play classical music at times, as it seemed to soothe my soul. Later, I started to compose music for ballet. Inspired by Chopin and Tchaikovsky, I have composed at least 10 full-length ballets, and I am still working hard to get my first ballet produced. I have actually written many rock songs and classical works, not that volume of work should be impressive on its own. If my songs are my heart, then classical music is my soul!

My songs have been heard on internet radio throughout the world. I am continuing to release singles as often as possible and promote them as my budget will allow. My focus currently is mainly to get my music placed in film and television, because my songs are artistically crafted, emotionally performed and recorded methodically. In my modern classical world, I am currently in negotiations to have one of my ballets performed by a major ballet company. One accomplishment of note, is that in September of 2016 I had a world premiere of an organ piece I composed for the Offertory section of the Catholic Mass. It was performed at St. Rose church in Portland, Oregon by church organist John Vergin. It is titled, “Eucharistia”. I believe my future is ahead of me in both melodic and lyrical rock songs, as well as modern classical music.

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