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This is something I mentioned a while back to the owner of Spreading good content is great but eventually, honestly someone will have to pay for it. The question is how. I’m glad they found a reasonable way to do this at about $110 a month for 5 characters connecting to one hyper-texted link. If you are looking for an affordable way to expose your product to influencers, sign up and try this.

We want to build Inside into a sustainable company that can operate without any editorial conflicts of interest, and to do that we’re going to start experimenting with monetization early.

As in, today. But we want to it in a way that’s creative, fun and good looking — like our community. So here’s the deal: We’re going to put a section at the bottom of every email we send, called the PARAGRAPH OF GLORIOUS PATRONAGE.

And here’s how it works: That section will have up to 20 links. Anyone can pay to featur…

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