Why are Folks Paying $80 for the Amazon Fire TV Stick?

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The Amazon FireTV Stick costs $40. The program bootleggers are charging for is open source and therefore, FREE. I will not mention the app’s name because it’s owners/founders are upset that pirates are using their platform in an “unintended” way.

Actually when you think about it the bad guys aren’t really making a profit charging $80 for a $40 device…. I guess it’s a better margin than selling bootleg DVD’s no one is buying anymore.

At any rate if you want to see the future of TV, click the link below to make your HDTV even smarter.

Fire TV Stick is a streaming media player with a dual-core processor, up to 1080p HD, certified Dolby Audio, and more. Shop now.

Source: Fire TV Stick – Official Site – Shop Now 

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