The Fake Dev Podcast is Officially Back! #indiedev 

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I’ve decided to start back up my Developer podcast. Last April I saw a need for a podcast about developers for developers but was unable to continue becuase of the energy needed to learn how to code and run a business.

A year later I’ve hit a good work/life balance and am able to talk about what I’ve learned over the past 12 months. The Fake Dev Podcast is aptly named since my major in school was Networking and Security, not Computer Science.

Thankfully nowadays no one builds a website from scratch, Wordpress has fixed that issue. The same theory works with mobile games and apps too. There are many ways to quickly churn out a quailty game and app today.

These topics along with growth hacking will be part of my weekly discussions on the podcast. Please join the conversation here:

The Fake Dev Podcast Link


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