Promote Your Android and iOS creations here #indiedev 

We canceled our Podcast this week to finish upgrading Panfur Social Chat and to create a forum for your creations. There is not a lot of forums built for Devs by Devs and we wanted to change that. Share your iOS and Android games and apps here. Have real discussions about ad platforms, promotion and growth hacking. Make us your first stop for all things #indiedev…

Oh yeah, and Kpop too!


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Panfur vs Rain Gameplay #indiedev

Play Panfur vs Rain below:


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Panfur TD on the App Store #ios #indiedev #iosgame #towerdefense


After the acid rain of “Panfur vs Rain stopped falling, a new threat arose. Acid created mechanical bugs are now on the move to Panfur’s house. How can he stop them? Who will help him? With assistance from his pet store friends: “Better call Bunny”, “Claw for help Cat” and “Too Radish Rabbit”, Panfur is ready to stop the mecha mess of mutations.

-Use the defenders according to their price and tap on them for more power and/or speed. Each level is different and each mech-bug has a special strength

Source: Panfur TD on the App Store

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Panfur VS Rain on the App Store #ios

Cats hate rain. Avoid the rain and get the stars to win. This is Panfur in a classic side to side game. Catch the falling stars and avoid the rain drops in this fast paced game.

Source: Panfur VS Rain on the App Store

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Panfur Color on the App Store

Panfur Color on the App Store. Tap all of the Panfurs that match the new color.

– Choose how much time you think you need to click on all of the matching Panfurs.

– See who has the highest score via Apple GameCenter.

– Share with your friends your score and time via social networks.

-Hours of fun, fast gameplay. – Icon elements by

– Made for PanfurWare, LLC

Source: Panfur Color on the App Store

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Panfur in Space Game on #android and #ios


Very Fast Game play helping Panfur the cat move through an Alien wormhole. Test your reflexes and beat your friends with this lightning fast game. Help Panfur get home by maneuvering through an alien wormhole.

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