There’s Nothing Like Brutal Honesty… Tales of an Almost Game Dev

… to get you going in the right direction. I finally ponied up the fee needed to submit games to Steam. I’ve read enough blog posts and reddit comments to know that Steam is like NYC, if you can make it there you can be successful anywhere.

What I didn’t count on were fellow gamers ACTIVELY reviewing submitted games. I really didn’t know what to expect. Panfur TD is mildly successful on iOS, Android and Amazon. I even heavily used the advice from an avid tower defense player. I just received an email this week from another Panfur TD user who loved my game and said how far they were so far (18 out of 20 levels)

So with all of that supposed momentum I submitted my desktop version of Panfur TD to and before I paid to be on Steam. I’ve received minimal activity on and gave me some downloads after I gave away some keys.

Now on to . After paying the fee I immediately went to the green light page and pressed the submit button. I hastily filled out the needed information and made my Panfur TD submission public. WITHIN THE FIRST HOUR I received over 50 uniques and 5 comments!

Let’s backtrack a bit. After I made my submission public I shared it on social media and wrote up a post about it here. I think doing that really got the ball rolling. The comments were very helpful. Not rude or malicious, just honest comments why they felt my game was not a good fit on steam. Most of the issues I was aware of are forgiven on a small mobile screen. Steam users however pointed out fixable things that in their opinion made Panfur TD in its current form not Steam material.

I was very impressed with these comments. When I played my game on I also received enough feedback to know it has potential. Sadly most users on Steam thought I made the game with flash…. I did not. Maybe they’d like it more if it was 3D. I can do that. Because of the negative but supportive feedback I made the game private for know. Ironically one of the commenters invited me to a group for mediocre Devs on steam. Hahahaha I was very grateful and joined of course.

In a nutshell:

Is paying to be a Steam Game Dev worth it?


Should you just submit any old thing on it?

Only if you want to feel 1inch tall and question your purpose in life.

How would you know what style of game to submit?

Look at what else is being submitted and READ the comments to see why they liked or dislike the game.

Will you make money on Steam?

Most of the commenters said why they would NOT buy my game so obviously there are games they WOULD pay for.

What’s the best Desktop game Dev engine?

I don’t have a clue. I hate unity3d. I’m currently using Corona SDK for mobile. Let me know what you are using.

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