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Catching the school bus shouldn’t be a daily challenge. If you don’t like,

  • rushing to your bus stop worried you may have missed the school bus
  • waiting at the bus stop because the bus is late
  • standing at the bus stop in cold, wind, rain, or snow
  • having to arrive early to meet your child because the bus might be early too

then we have something you might like very much: SpotMyBus.

SpotMyBus is the smartphone app that shows you where your bus is and tells you when it will arrive at your stop. It’s simple to use, accurate, and reliable.

While other apps can tell you how far away the bus is (in miles), only SpotMyBus can tell when it will actually arrive. With SpotMyBus you can even set alarms to notify you when your bus is minutes away.

High school kids love it because they can set one alarm to go off, say, 25 minutes before the bus will arrive (so they know to get out of bed), and another alarm, say, 5 minutes before the bus will arrive (so they know to get out the door!).

Parents love it because nobody has to wait around at the bus stop, and it’s easy to meet their kids at just the right time.

Catching the school bus is easy when your school district adopts SpotMyBus!

Source: SpotMyBus – Home

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