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Be Heard

Per @EddieFu Spotify is positioning to buy Soundcloud and a lot of independent artists are probably wondering what will happen next to their favorite music promotion site. Having others hear your music, like it and share it is the only way to get a big label to see you and sign you nowadays.

Can soundcloud still do that while under a new corporate umbrella? To help artists prepare for what comes next we created a new website named “Panfur Radio – Be Heard”. This sight will be similar to and but with a twist.

Not only can artists upload their original works, have listeners play it, share it and buy it but also whatever cuts that start trending here will also be added to our online radio station and app here

Terrestrial radio is almost dead but multimedia on the internet is still maturing at a fast pace. Doing it properly and legally is a must and we want to help artists and their fans with that. From Creative Common uploads, to local events, to Artist pages we want to keep music alive and friction free.

Tell us what you think. Sign up. Upload. Share. Listen.  Be Heard…

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