Mobile vs Console Games

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Had a great yet sobering conversation with Alberton Garcia from . The second I informed him that I was a mobile developer he switched gears to explain why Mobile devs are still not making as much money as console and steam devs are making. After checking my current profit ledger I sheepishly agreed and asked why is that.

Albertino expertly opened my eyes to the main issue with mobile game users: They are very casual players and they really don’t like paying upfront. I couldn’t ignore that logic. Compare that to a user walking into gamestop. If they pick up a game off the shelf and walk to the cash register their plan is to pay for the game in their hand. If you “walk” up to the counter in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store your choice is to probably download the game for free.

Of course there are incentives in mobile games to purchase further down the road but seriously, you can’t beat a game that is made to be paid for upfront. After the conversation I thanked him for his insight and asked for his information. If you are an Indie Dev looking to get your game on contact them below right away!

Albertino Robelló Garcia

Albertino Robelló Garcia




I am writing to you to inform you that I have built my own company specialized in helping indie studios make their game a success in Steam. Just for you to know, I have worked for 10 years in the gaming industry and I have taken part in projects for Konami, Bandai Namco and Kerad Games, among others, in the fields of Marketing, Licensing and Advertising.

My most recent project is Youtubers Life (U-Play Online), the trendiest game of the moment, ranked #5 worldwide on Steam during the first three weeks since it’s release. This game represents the biggest hit on Steam for a Spanish studio.

The marketing campaign I set up had clear commercial objectives and was backed on the following four points:

a) PR

b) Twitter

c) Copywriting

d) Website and audiovisual material consultancy

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