How to Get Properly Rejected By a Game Website #indiedev

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For the past two years I’ve heard the call of the Software developer. After less sleep and more programming tutorials I was able to master the reverse engineering skills needed for Node.JS, Ionic, Android Java and iOS Swift and Objective-C. Can I build games from scratch now? No. Can I go to Code Markets like and make my own versions of purchased code? Yes.

While swimming in the Mobile Developer waters I’ve spent a lot of money for promotion and have met many other devs and growth hackers in the related business. As mentioned in a previous post my eyes were opened to a space I hadn’t considered before. PC games. Thankfully since I use Corona SDK to make most of my games, porting them to Windows and OS X is a small feat. Did this give instant Dev fame?

No. Some places like and has welcome my new PC game with opened arms and some haven’t. If I only knew why I was rejected by some… Wait! Someone replied with details as to why I was rejected!

Hello Anthony,

Thanks a lot for your submission and your interest in xx.
We’ve taken a look at Panfur TD Tower Defense, it looks like casual tower defence game, with addictive gameplay.

Unfortunately, however, we feel that the game would not be a good fit for xx, as we think that it appears to be missing various graphical and sound assets and is a bit too small in scale in terms of production value for our users, which means that we aren’t confident in its release potential on our site.

For these reasons I’m afraid we will have to pass on Panfur TD Tower Defense. If you have any other games in the future that might be a better fit for xx, please let us know, and hopefully we’ll be able to work together.

All the best,

Wasn’t that nice? Detailed information that did not crush my spirit or make me decide to give up this crazy “hobby” that is burning through my own money. With this email I can go back to my code, figure out what’s missing, fix it and resubmit it. That is how it is supposed to be. It appears this very popular game market really do love its registered devs and its potential devs.

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