For Some Strange Reason, My Wife Loves Panfur Balance!

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So early last week my wife looked over at me and said “I really like this game!”. I heard the game music (a nice upbeat song I made back in 2010..) but couldn’t believe what she just said. My wife is my toughest critic. When she runs out of space on her phone she uninstalls my games first, lol. The game she was happily playing was called “Panfur Balance”.

Did I publish that game yet? Nope. I thought it was too simple and too easy to play so no one would like it. You basically tap the screen to have Panfur and other items fall in a neat or wobbly stack. That is why I named it Panfur “Balance”. Scratching my head I exclaimed “Thanks Babe!” and proceeded to immediately send it to my top Beta game players… They loved it too! Wow!

I said all of that to say, sometimes you won’t know who likes your product, untill you give them a chance to like your product. I kept that game on the shelf for months because “I” didn’t think it was fun. Of course my idea of fun is blasting finance podcasts through my 5.1 living room speakers using chromecast so… yeah, I’m a barrel of monkeys.  Below is the link to Panfur Balance. Let me know what you think too.

Thank you.

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