Rescue Me by SharaLee Ward and Douglas Richardson Coming Soon

Our In-House Songwriters and Producers created a great song releasing next Friday! Not only that but it includes co-production from a budding new producer from Canada – Nathan Ward. Click the link below to be the first to hear what SharaLee, Douglas Richardson and Nathan Ward has created together!

This song is great for an opening title cue or outro cue. This song will also work for an action scene or investigative scene. Need source music? Imagine hearing this song playing from the radio upstairs as you open the door to a suspense filled drama…

Looking For POP Singers and Songwriters ONLY For Co-Publishing Deals and Placements

[Reposting again for an upcoming campaign] Hello it’s Anthony from PanfurWare LLC. We are a new Music Publisher from Philadelphia looking to place independent Singer/Songwriters in TV, Film, Commercials, Video Games, Podcasts and Radio. If you have radio ready music and are with a PRO in the States, click our “Submit Your Music” Tab above and send us your demo.

We are currently accepting “Non-Exclusive Co-Publishing agreements” only from songwriters in the United States. Here’s our current catalog:

Active by Mr. Label – new album by PanfurWare LLC Artist

Pre-save our second Artist with their first album coming out under our Music Publishing company. Mr. Label has a great emotional, expressive hip-hop style with sophisticated melodies and superkick drums. Click below to listen when it debuts Sept 20th.

Stream “Active” by Mr. Label – powered by DistroKid
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[Repost]55 Years Later, a Lost John Coltrane Album Is Being Released

Think no one cares about you when you are gone? Think again! The great John Coltrane has “released” 2 original albums in the last 2 years. That’s an unbelievable feat since he’s been gone for over 50 years.

Click the link below to read the deets.

@robertlowry Gives a MasterClass (Again) In Music Supervision via @tidal

My job is that of the mediator, the liaison, the voice of reason and often the bearer of bad news (i.e. No, unfortunately, we cannot afford this Rolling Stones song). At the end of the day, my responsibility is to fulfill the director or showrunner’s vision, whether or not I fully share in it.

The Bi-coastal Rob Lowry is a cool guy. We are not saying this because we want him to use our music in his projects. We are saying this because he truly is. He’s constantly on Twitter answering questions from those on both sides of the table (Media Execs and Media creators) as well as doing an excellent job portraying today’s choice in Music Culture via his Media projects like “The Bold Type” and others…

In the link below Rob gives very concise advise as to what a “Music Supervisor” truly is. He’s not alone in doing this. We are also currently re-reading Amanda Krieg Thomas’s book on how to “sync” with Music Supervisors… Click and read Lowry’s take below.

[Repost] Cord Cutters News: Disney Announces a $12.99 Bundle Deal For Disney+, Hulu, & ESPN+

More TV shows and Movies that need music placements yay!!!!

Cord Cutters News: Disney Announces a $12.99 Bundle Deal For Disney+, Hulu, & ESPN+.

Antony Darvill -Music Placements

Antony acquired a bachelor’s degree in music and a master’s degree in education (both from the University of Sydney). He worked in Australia as a high school teacher … and was an atrocious educator. While attempting to teach abroad, London’s Platinum Records recruited him as their audio engineer where he worked with the Sugar Babes, UB40 and many more artist producing bands for London radio. All the while he has been obsessed with music, guitar, writing and recording. PanfurWare LLC is pleased to have secured six tracks from his latest release, Backwards Compatible.

Listen to his music for placement here: