Updated Panfur Color on the App Store to 2.3

Panfur Color. We’ve totally revamped Panfur Color!!! Swipe all of the colorful Panfurs that match with our new color matching gameplay. Each level adds the difficulty of matching more and more Panfurs! See how many points you can rack up in each short turn!

Source: Panfur Color on the App Store

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Panfur vs Rain Gameplay #indiedev

Play Panfur vs Rain below:

iOS https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/panfur-vs-rain/id989492619?mt=8
Android https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.panfur.vsrain

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Panfur Color 2.0 Gameplay

Get it for iOS and Android here https://panfurware.mautic.com/panfur-…


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Panfur Marketing App Preview – YouTube

Install here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/panfu…

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You Finally Made a Fun Game!

That’s what my wife said to me this evening. In the middle of a family crisis I gave my new version  of Panfur Color to the family to get their minds off of what’s in front of us. 

The kids liked it and played for a while. My wife was thoroughly impressed. Wow. The colorful Panfurs are back but now with completely different gameplay. This might put our flagship game back in the spotlight!

We decided to change the game to unify its look on Android, iOS and Amazon. Running behind three different versions of one game is very tiring and costly. 

So far the alpha version looks great and we are excited to give it to our beta testers in the next couple of weeks. Stay tuned for more details soon!

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Panfur TD on the App Store #ios #indiedev #iosgame #towerdefense


After the acid rain of “Panfur vs Rain stopped falling, a new threat arose. Acid created mechanical bugs are now on the move to Panfur’s house. How can he stop them? Who will help him? With assistance from his pet store friends: “Better call Bunny”, “Claw for help Cat” and “Too Radish Rabbit”, Panfur is ready to stop the mecha mess of mutations.

-Use the defenders according to their price and tap on them for more power and/or speed. Each level is different and each mech-bug has a special strength

Source: Panfur TD on the App Store

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Panfur VS Rain on the App Store #ios

Cats hate rain. Avoid the rain and get the stars to win. This is Panfur in a classic side to side game. Catch the falling stars and avoid the rain drops in this fast paced game.

Source: Panfur VS Rain on the App Store

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Thanks @Fiverr For My New Game Logo!!! #indiedev 



I use www.fiverr.com a lot since I’m an Indie Dev game maker. From Video demos to great icon logos to business and accountant help, Fiverr does it all at an affordable price. Our next update of “Panfur TD” will have this cool icon. In the meantime hit the link below to see what Fiverr can do for you.

Source: Fiverr: The marketplace for creative & professional services

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