Are you making Games for the Meizu PRO 5 Ubuntu edition?

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It’s not everyday a company thinks they can best Apple, Google and Microsoft with a new mobile platform. You would think after the demise of the insanely popular Treo, Razr, Windows Mobile and Sidekicks someone would get the memo and stop creating new phones with new platforms.

That day is not today. Canonical the maker of the linux flavor Ubuntu has officially announced a phone with Ubuntu baked in. Cool. Why should we care?

As Developers whenever a new platform is released we want to be the first ones there to get the most advantage and users. Sometimes it works well and sometimes it doesn’t. With Ubuntu being one of the top versions of Desktop Linux, the mobile version should be a win also.

So, which programming language works best on Ubuntu Mobile? According to it’s website:

…support mainstream HTML5 apps beautifully, while a rich Qt/QML based native app environment…

That’s not too painful right? HTML5 is mature enough and basic enough to be a great language for games and apps. Tons of HTML5 code is already for sell on sites like so it won’t be too hard to test the waters. At any rate look forward to us testing and getting back to you with the deets.

We’re excited to announce that the most powerful Ubuntu phone, Meizu PRO 5 Ubuntu edition, is available to order here from, retailing at USD$369.99. And for our friends based in Russia, the phone can be ordered here.

Source: The most powerful Ubuntu phone is available to buy! | Ubuntu Insights

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