HTML5GOGAMES | Swipe Art Puzzle

Short Description If you like art – here’s a puzzle game for you. Move the pieces to recreate some super famous paintings made by old masters (those are a bit enhanced with our strange humor;). There are many paintings to have fun with! Instructions Tap a piece to move it into an empty space. Try to put the pieces in order to create a painting. Caption Puzzle game for the art lovers Very Short Description Move the pieces to recreate some super famous paintings made by old masters. Long Description If you like art – here’s a puzzle game for you. Move the pieces to recreate some super famous paintings made by old masters (those are a bit enhanced with our strange humor;). There are many paintings, with each next one more complicated than the previous. Fear not though – there’s no time limit (although the clock is ticking to let you know if you’re making any progress with the puzzles). Train your brain and enjoy some beauty and humor at the same time! That’s win-win-win, right?

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HTML5GOGAMES | Where’s Tom

Where’s Tom You play as Lilly, whose beloved cat Tom suddenly run away and hide somewhere. Help Lilly find the pet, as she is very worried about him. Tom usually hides in the kitchen, in the yard or in the back alley a block away. On each level, you’ll have to find several objects (the name of the object are given below). Finding all the right object and earning stars for finishing the level will bring you closer and closer to Tom. Lilly is counting on you!

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HTML5GOGAMES | Furious Speed

Furious Speed Speed is the essence of this game! Get a super cool sports car and drive as fast as you can! Avoid collision with other cars and don’t let the police to get you. Unlock new cars be scoring enough points. You get points for overtaking the other cars (if the car is in the lane next to yours). Let the speed make you furious!

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HTML5GOGAMES | Penguin Skip

Penguin Skip Little penguin Spok likes to jump from one ice floe to another. He doesn’t like splashing into the water that much though. Help Penguin Spok in his journey! Tap anywhere on the right side of the screen to jump to the flow on the right and anywhere on the left to jump left. Don’t fall into the water, as Penguin Spok doesn’t like that at all (it’s a bit strange for a penguin, isn’t it?). From time to time there’s going to be some fish on the ice – collect that for extra points. After each game, depending on your score, you’ll get some pretty cool gifts. Tap on them to unravel and grab some super cool hats and scarfs for the Penguin Spok. There are over 200 combinations of the Spok’s outfits, enjoy finding your most favorite one!

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Flood Escape

Via BlackMoonDev SHORT: Build your way up to escape the flood and be rescued in time. Tap on the screen to place floors, use bonuses to help you out and collect coins to unlock new locations. LONG: Avoid the constantly rising waves by building up the tower. Be quick, but don’t make too many mistakes! Originally created for the Global Game Jam by Enclave Games, Flood Escape has you trying to rescue the surfer from the rising tide. Parts of a building move back and forth and you simply have to time it right, then click and it drops into place. Hopefully, if you aligned the new piece of the building with the current one then it grows taller, and your guy gets closer to rescue. Of course, you need to be fast, as the waves are always rising. And the faster you are, the more chance you have of making a mistake and ending up with only a part of the building left to stand on. Make too many mistakes and it’s swimming time. Complete the level and it starts over again with a different person to rescue in a different environment.

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Robotion Cute little robots need your help! The robots have always worked in pairs – but they all have been separated due to some technical error. Help the robots and connect them into pairs again! Simply draw a line from one robot to the other one of the same color to connect them. You pass a level when all the robots are connected and all the tiles on the board are filled. There are different ways to solve each of the 1,000 levels in the game – but it’s not easy to find them (especially if you would like to collect all the bonus cogs with just one connection color). Connect the robots!

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HTML5GOGAMES | Jelly Bears

Jellybears Differently colored bears want to have some fun with you! They are made of delicious jelly and want to be eaten! There’s just one rule – you can only eat jelly bears of one color at a time, and there have to be at least two. There’s a goal of how many bears you need to collect on each level and a limited number of moves per level. How many levels would you be able to complete? Have some jelly fun!

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Pirate Kid Get ready for an incredible sea adventure! Grab your pirate hat and run through the dangerous seashore. Collect diamonds and avoid evil crabs, birds, and spiky shells. Tap anywhere on the screen to jump – and tap again while in the air to do a double jump. How many diamonds would you be able to collect?

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