An educational app that teaches children how to spell in a fun interactive way. Children are encouraged to keep trying through encouraging statements like “well done!” and being awarded bear stamps for each correctly spelt word. Bear stamps allow the child to dress the bear up to customise their bear.

Source: HTML5GOGAMES | SpellBear

HTML5GOGAMES | Aliens Attack

Aliens AttackThe Earth is under attack! Evil alien forces from Mars are invading! The humanity last hope is a team of slightly forgotten heroes. Help Ramdo, Bernie, Mr. Zee, Ivan and Sgt. Pepper fight off those blue invaders!Give those Martians some hot lead, so they will leave our planet once and for all. Your super machine gun fires automatically, you just need to strife left and right to avoid deadly enemy lasers. Gather enough medals to buy yourself an even better gun or some laser-proof jackets (real heroes won’t even consider buying them of course). Shoot, kill aliens, kill their leaders and save the planet, the nation, and the president! Oh – you can throw grenades to kill aliens as well (after buying them).

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HTML5GOGAMES | Julia’s Food Truck

Play as an adventurous, entrepreneurial businesswoman Julia, who’s running a small business on her own. Her goal is to prepare the most delicious burgers in the whole city. News about the superb burgers travel fast and soon her little food truck is constantly visited by hungry customers. Each customer approaches the food truck and tells about his favorite burger. Julia has very little time to prepare the meal, but if she manages to do that quickly, customers are very generous. Play the game and see how many burgers you would be able to cook!

Source: HTML5GOGAMES | Julia’s Food Truck