Robotion Cute little robots need your help! The robots have always worked in pairs – but they all have been separated due to some technical error. Help the robots and connect them into pairs again! Simply draw a line from one robot to the other one of the same color to connect them. You pass a level when all the robots are connected and all the tiles on the board are filled. There are different ways to solve each of the 1,000 levels in the game – but it’s not easy to find them (especially if you would like to collect all the bonus cogs with just one connection color). Connect the robots!

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HTML5GOGAMES | Jelly Bears

Jellybears Differently colored bears want to have some fun with you! They are made of delicious jelly and want to be eaten! There’s just one rule – you can only eat jelly bears of one color at a time, and there have to be at least two. There’s a goal of how many bears you need to collect on each level and a limited number of moves per level. How many levels would you be able to complete? Have some jelly fun!

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Pirate Kid Get ready for an incredible sea adventure! Grab your pirate hat and run through the dangerous seashore. Collect diamonds and avoid evil crabs, birds, and spiky shells. Tap anywhere on the screen to jump – and tap again while in the air to do a double jump. How many diamonds would you be able to collect?

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HTML5GOGAMES | Veggi Rabbit

Veggi Rabbit The winter is coming and the thoughtful Rabbit Jake needs to prepare some vegetables for it! Click on the board to select a vegetable and then click again to move it to a new position. There needs to be a clear path on which the selected vegetable will be moved. Three vegetables of the same kind next to each other vanish and you score points for that. To clear each level to make sure to match the vegetables on all of the marked spots. Happy gardening!

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Game Feed Documentation You can fetch our games and add it to your sites catalog! To view the game feed (JSON format) use this endpoint: By default only 100 games is listed per request, you can fetch all the games by just adding start and limit parameter in the endpoint: The example above will skip the first 200 games and show the rest of it but limited to 40 items If limit parameter is above 100 the feed will still show 100 It will show “error” text on failure

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