HTML5GOGAMES | Space Cowboy

Space Cowboy Everybody knows the best place to herd cows is in the space! Unfortunately, the strange anomaly is causing your cows to randomly teleport all around the sector – you need to get to the cows before they’ll float away into the deep space. Like if self-teleporting cows were not enough – you need to pay attention to the notorious cow kidnapper Stoltz! If he’ll get to the cow first, he’ll grab it and ran away with it! Tap anywhere on the screen for your space cowboy to fly there. Fly into the cows to pick them up and fly into Stoltz the kidnapper to put him down.

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HTML5GOGAMES | Minigolf Kingdom

Minigolf Kingdom Do you know what garden gnomes do when nobody’s watching? They are playing minigolf! Grab the golf club and join the gnomes throughout the 12 minigolf courses. Just tap, drag and release anywhere on the screen to hit the ball – the further from the tap point you’ll drag, the more powerful the shot will be. Be aware of the sand (it’s slowing the ball down), water and ugly, plantish obstacles (those will destroy the ball and you’ll have to start again). You only have a limited number of shots on each course. Choose the strength and aim carefully – otherwise, the gnomes will be totally unhappy!

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HTML5GOGAMES | Goal!Goal!Goal!

Goal!Goal!Goal! It’s time for kick-off! If it’s raining outside and you can’t play the soccer in real – grab Goal!Goal!Goal! and have some soccer fun! The boys are playing soccer on the playing field and it’s time to practice the penalty shooting! Shoot as many penalties as you can! Tap once to stop the ball and mark the place you are aiming for. Look for the kick strength meter and tap for the second time when the strength bar is at the maximum. Be quick! The goalkeeper will run towards the ball as fast as he can.

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