Flood Escape

Via BlackMoonDev SHORT: Build your way up to escape the flood and be rescued in time. Tap on the screen to place floors, use bonuses to help you out and collect coins to unlock new locations. LONG: Avoid the constantly rising waves by building up the tower. Be quick, but don’t make too many mistakes! Originally created for the Global Game Jam by Enclave Games, Flood Escape has you trying to rescue the surfer from the rising tide. Parts of a building move back and forth and you simply have to time it right, then click and it drops into place. Hopefully, if you aligned the new piece of the building with the current one then it grows taller, and your guy gets closer to rescue. Of course, you need to be fast, as the waves are always rising. And the faster you are, the more chance you have of making a mistake and ending up with only a part of the building left to stand on. Make too many mistakes and it’s swimming time. Complete the level and it starts over again with a different person to rescue in a different environment.

Source: HTML5GOGAMES | Flood Escape