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I Am Nino Breeze
is a Singer/MC/Songwriter/Speaker/Host who has tremendous depth and range. He has performed with some of entertainment’s brightest stars, and lent his talents to several charitable causes, such as Juvenile Diabetes, Leukemia, American Red Cross, Variety Club, and Volunteers of America. You can, currently, catch him performing weekly , in Las Vegas, with his singing group “4FRONT” and, also, with his Hip-Hop collectives “I.C. Trndz” and “PoetXCoalition”.

Nino, truly, views music as a vehicle to minister to people in their times of need, and utilizes it as his own therapeutic remedy. Through his “FUEL- Food and Understanding for Every Life” and “Rap Up Hunger” initiatives, he uses the power of music and positivity to motivate. He has said,” True wealth can only be attained by investing in people. As we help others grow we grow. As we help others succeed we succeed.” He’s gone through it all, in his life, and knows that the struggle isn’t over. “Everyday is a struggle. The key is learning from mistakes, and being able to live with regrets. We’ll never be perfect, but we can one day be proud of ourselves for truly trying to be the best we can be. Remember ‘a diamond is a piece of coal that made good under pressure’. You can either crumble or get stronger. I choose the latter.” Nino continuously reminds us to “Maintain Focus, Achieve Greatness”…Ponder and Progress..Be Great!!!

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