@robertlowry Gives a MasterClass (Again) In Music Supervision via @tidal

My job is that of the mediator, the liaison, the voice of reason and often the bearer of bad news (i.e. No, unfortunately, we cannot afford this Rolling Stones song). At the end of the day, my responsibility is to fulfill the director or showrunner’s vision, whether or not I fully share in it.

The Bi-coastal Rob Lowry is a cool guy. We are not saying this because we want him to use our music in his projects. We are saying this because he truly is. He’s constantly on Twitter answering questions from those on both sides of the table (Media Execs and Media creators) as well as doing an excellent job portraying today’s choice in Music Culture via his Media projects like “The Bold Type” and others…

In the link below Rob gives very concise advise as to what a “Music Supervisor” truly is. He’s not alone in doing this. We are also currently re-reading Amanda Krieg Thomas’s book on how to “sync” with Music Supervisors… Click and read Lowry’s take below.