Panfur Marketing – Use pictures of your product, app or game to make viral memes!

Panfur Marketing

Use pictures of your product, app or game to make viral memes!

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Panfur MarketingUse pictures of your product, app or game to make viral memes!

How do you gain followers and point them to your product? How can you in one swoop become instantly popular on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram? Easy, use pictures of your product, app, game, Amazon item for sell or Book to make viral memes!

– Use the built in meme photos or add pictures from your camera roll of what you want to promote.
– Type in a few words up top and a few below.
– Position the words carefully for maximum impact.
– Share to every Social app installed on your Smartphone.
– Watch your likes, followers, DAU and ROI climb!

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The LaunchKit team is joining Google!

I love Launchkit.io. I use them to make the needed icons for my Android and iOS apps and games. I also use them for my landing pages. I’m happy for their team but leary that all of my configurations will exist after the full merger…

It was less than two years ago when our team decided that after releasing a dozen apps on the App Store and Google Play, we wanted to make that process easier for other mobile developers as well. We started by writing blog posts and open sourcing our internal tools, but we wanted to add even more value by building a suite of products that actually made launching apps easier. LaunchKit was born and now helps almost 50,000 developers build, launch, and monitor their apps. Today, we’re excited to announce that

Source: Exciting news about LaunchKit — LaunchKit Library

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Moving Panfur’s Quest to UE4 Version Soon!

We will now use Unreal Engine 4 to get a more 2.5D effect in Panfur’s Quest latest version. Play our original here http://panfurware.com/panfurs-quest-game-on-ios-and-android/

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Panfur TD by PanfurWare For OS X Just 49 Cents

Save one garden at a time… Help Panfur squash bugs in this 20 levels classic, campy Tower Defense game! Available for Mac OS X

Source: Panfur TD by PanfurWare

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Which Platform Should you Put Your Game On?

The short answer is all of them. Windows, Mac, PlayStation, Xbox, Linux, Android, iOS and Amazon. 

What’s the long answer? Build your creation with tools that will place your game on the most platforms. It’s not as hard as you would think. I haven’t dug too deep but I’m a little sad that “No Man’s Sky” is intintially just on PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Windows. I can only assume it’s because of the way they coded it.

Most coders are like musicians. Find a brand of instrument that works for you and stick with it. If you start off cheap, use what you got to make money and then use that money to buy better equipment. 

On second thought indie gamers are NOT like musicians. Most coding tools are FREE! To be a Xbox or PlayStation Dev is FREE! Yes it costs to put your games on iOS, Android and Steam but it really evens out once your quality product picks up steam, haha. 

So, the first step to making your game is choosing a tool or program that is universal:

For Windows, Mac and mobile games try www.coronalabs.com Corona SDK. It is now free and very flexible. 

For everything try either www.unity3d.com or www.epicgames.com. These engines are both free to use but you might have to pay royalties if your game makes a huge profit. 

In the end there are many ways to make your game available for others to play. The main thing is to make it. Don’t wait too long thinking about it. Gamers can’t wait to play something new. Give it to them sooner than later and fix the bugs as you go along. 

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TechNewsFan – Android Apps on Google Play

Quickly look at Latest Technology news and Video posts via TechNewsFan. Click to go to the original post and read more. This was made with the creator of Techmeme’s blessing.

Source: TechNewsFan – Android Apps on Google Play

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Panfur’s Quest Upgrade coming Soon!

We are in the works to make Panfur’s Quest a 2.5D Game!!! In the next couple of weeks Panfur’s Quest will be on Android, iOS, Amazon, Mac and Windows desktop. Install it now to get Early Adopter features!

Source: Panfur’s Quest – Android Apps on Google Play

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